Park Blossom Tote Cork Bag, CHOCOLATE

139,00157,00 inc. Vat

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain

Exterior and interior composition:

Natural cork,

2 metal magnets

OPTIONALLY: removable cotton bag with 2 pockets closed with zipper

rigid structure


Natural cow leather, natural cork

Dimensions of the Bag:

Upper width: 42cm

Base: 29cm X 15cm

Height: 36cm

Dimensions of the leather&cork handles: 50cm

Metal accessories:

Gold color


Model Park is a tote bag, hand made of natural cork and natural cowhide (the handles, label). This precious bag includes double layer of natural cork outside and inside the bag what makes the structure rigid. To keep your personal belongings safe, you can optionally choose a, cotton purse with hooks and 2 zipper pockets.

The chocolate brown, blossom print was applied onto the cork manually with a special template with the almond tree graphic.

Everything is closed with 2 magnetic clips.

Cork is a natural, tough material, quite rigid and has got unusual advantage: it’s very light. Even filled to the brim, this bag will not weigh as much as any other bag of this size.

All materials that were used to create this bag (leather and cork) came from our local suppliers .

This bag is protected with a layer of matt lacquer. This is why you don’t need to worry anymore about the spots that very often leave jeans trousers, you can easily remove the stains with a soft wet sponge and soap.

* Each product comes with its own paper bag, paper label, information for cleaning, and is packed inside a strong, tightly closed box.




Upper length: 42cm
Height: 36cm
Base: 29cm x 15cm

Handles: 50cm


Cork, Cow Leather

Inside cotton bag (optional)

Without inside cotton bag, Add inside cotton bag

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